CW Partners is a boutique law firm operating as a multi-family office and trust company to address the needs of select individuals and their families. With international expertise in wealth planning, legal and tax, finance and accounting, we are able to provide solutions to meet wide-ranging and complex requirements.


Our fundamental values of excellence, integrity and accountability have gained us recognition as a leading private client advisory firm.

As a privately owned and independent firm, our clients can be confident that we will be sitting alongside them as we assist in determining the purpose of their wealth and establish and implement an optimal preservation plan while working closely with their existing banks and other professional Advisors or assist in selecting new ones.


CW Partners’ highly qualified and experienced team of Advisors consists of Lawyers and Tax Advisors, Certified Accountants, Attorneys and Corporate Structuring experts, all of whom are members of national and international professional associations.

With a unique blend of expertise and the ability to understand the issues affecting different family dynamics and cultures, our Advisors are able to produce comprehensive and effective solutions to help clients protect, preserve and grow their family’s wealth.

Our experts provide estate-planning solutions, implement and administer them enabling clients to maintain various structures to navigate legal, tax and regulatory issues in multiple jurisdictions.